Shipping Company is an authorized dealer of FedEx, Dhl, Sda, Brt and other couriers services. According to this commercial agreement the service offered by Shipping Company is the same as all express couriers, including limitations about the goods not shippable (see regulations on the sites of all couriers).

Then, the shipments entrusted to Shipping Company are subject to the general carriage conditions of the courier who make the final delivery.

Shipping Company must check carefully all the goods shipped, as anything not declared or unacceptable revealed by Courier x-rays inspection goes back to the sender (in this case Shipping Company) immediately, resulting in loss of time.

Unlike all express couriers, Shipping Company includes in its shipping service also the packaging and the preliminary verification of all the contents declared that must match as much as possible with the travel documents attached, worth again the achievement of the shipment.

Shipping Company undertakes to ensure that the shipment is delivered without any problem or damage, but is not responsible for delays or damage occurring after entrusting the shipment to the various express couriers or for customs inspection, and any request for reimbursement for delay, damage or loss must be made directly to the express courier responsible for the final delivery.

If the customer considers worthwhile make a specific packaging he must provide for make it by himself.